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Hi Cody,

Is there a release date for RiME on the Switch yet??


CodyB#3523 posted (#post-1878)

Hi Jutt,

Thanks for the positive reinforcement. It's much appreciated!

As far as the Switch is concerned, the best I can give you right now is roughly the same time as North America. We're trying to be ready by the end of your Winter. We have one more benchmark to hit, and then we should be able to zero in on a specific date.

Thanks for your continued patience and for reaching out! We'll be in touch again soon.

Thanks very much for the quick response!

It really shows how passionate you are about your developments smile

Thanks for the update.

It was a toss up for me between the PS4 and Switch haha. The Switch won over only because it's the newer console and I work away a lot and love platformer puzzle games so being able to take RiME with me will be great!

Can't wait for it. Hope everything goes smoothly for you!


Hi Cody,

It's really great to see the producers so involved with keeping the community up to date!

I am wondering if you might be able to tell us when the release date for RiME on Nintendo Switch might be in Australia. I am very excited for this game and was shocked when the Switch was the only system that wasn't included in the release date.