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17 de Maio de 2017 às 11:40

As long as it is 1 single image then you're fine.

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Hi there, I'm finishing my piece for the contest and I'm drawing a comic for it, since the submittions seems to only admit one image and I have 3 pages os comic, how should I submit the piece? Should I put the 3 images together like a webcomic or can I submit it separated?

Sorry for my bad english & thanks for your job!

Tim "Dariuas" Slager
RiME Community Manager

23 de Setembro de 2019 às 15:12
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23 de Setembro de 2019 às 16:23

I have a question! [Tutuapp. can we post wip images? 9Apps I'd like to show the process of th ShowBoxe piece as I'm working on it. or are we relegated to only putting the final piece in our submission thread?

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