Hi there,

Although I sent these all via "e-mail" to support, they suggested posting them here as well (hopefully this is the correct "section"??).

I just finished RIME for the first time, and it is one of the most amazing experiences (for all the sense)......and I can't wait to enjoy and explore the world again! I just loved how it reminded me so much of the days of the "Myst" series!.........and how some of the online reviews I saw said they finished the game in around "4 hours"??? No way that was true because it took me at least 10 - 12 to do so..........which made me even happier knowing the game was much longer than I was "expecting" from the reviews. I don't think they ever played past the first "opening island"...oh, the wonders they missed out of!

Anyway.....Over the FULL GAME (all 5 or 6 areas?, there were some "minor" "issues" and "Suggestion" I thought of during my gameplay that I wanted to share...........some may be valid, others may just be because I missed them during my play. Either way, I thought it was worth sharing......just in case.....and/or in hopes of helping make the game even that much better for everyone.

Again, this is for the "PS4" version (and my version was purchased ONLINE on the "PS Store" as well, just FYI).

Also, please note that I have a full 5.1 Surround Sound System that I have that works beautifully with ALL my games.

  1. One of the biggest and "noticeable" issues I noticed right from the start of the game is to do with the "Boy" and his "SOUND" (his vocals....all of them).

    Litereally, EVERY sound he makes in the game SHOULD be coming from all different directions, depending on where you have the "camera" in relation to him, right? (and/or) there should be an "echo", etc. etc. if he's in a cave, tunnel, etc.

    HOWEVER...........on my 5.1 Surround sound, EVERY "angle" I have tried with him, and EVERY "sound" he makes.........is ONLY coming from the "Back RIGHT.....and slightly "forward" of the back right speaker" (but it's definitely ONLY the "RIGHT" side of the room).

    And, per the suggestion of the e-mail support, even though I don't have "headphones" to plug in, I can use a "2 -speaker" setting on my system, and doing that STILL makes his "vocals" come through ONLY on the "Right" speaker as well.

    Yet, EVERY other sound and the music in the game (other than the "dog/fox" as you'll read below) comes through beautifully, filling the room in full surround sound.

    So, I HOPE this is just a simple "glitch" that can be easily resolved with a patch.

    And please Note:......I have also "re-downloaded" the game per support with no effect as well.

  2. The little "dog/fox"..........as cute as it is, there's THREE things:

    - I'm so sorry to complain about this, but it's "Barking" is really "annoying" unfortunately. It's not only VERY loud compared to all the other sounds in the game..........but it's also a very "piercing" bark, too.

    And because he will continue to "bark" continuously until we actually go to him, it becomes very very frustrating, especially when we are trying to "explore" that area.........before we want to go to where he is.

    - Secondly.........with the "SOUND" of his "barking".........it isn't "fading" depending on how close or how far away we are from him..........just FYI. (yet, the surrounding "ambient" sounds, like the ocean, birds, etc. etc. DO "fade" in and out) So, Not sure if that was/is "intentional", but something you may want to check.

    - The THIRD "issue", there were several times in the game (throughout the 5 areas/levels) where it was pretty hard to figure out where to go........and having that "dog/fox" there to "guide", etc. would have helped. Again, not sure if this was designed that way or not, but it certainly felt like he was just "missing" from those areas???........like he should have been perched and barking to guide me for sure

    I'm sorry I didn't "note" the specific areas, there were just several of them (mainly AFTER the "beginning" island).

  3. A "Suggestion" for the game would be to add a nice level of experience by perhaps adding an "option" for us to REMOVE the "guiding" fox/dog altogether???? Perhaps this option could be "unlocked" after we've completed the game the first time? That way, when we do the game a 2nd time, we know the game, but know we can attempt it without the "dog"???

    Like other games are doing now, this could be your version of what they call a "New Game PLUS ( + )"

  4. As for the "Collectibles" .......For me personally, it wasn't surprising that I completed the game, and still had several collectibles unclaimed...despite my attempts to find them all.

    HOWEVER, after the first couple "levels/areas", I noticed there were several LONG sections of the game (despite me searching vigorously, .that I wasn't finding anything at all.....where before and after, I WAS finding them fairly quickly.

    Now, maybe this was "normal", maybe not? I don't know, but here are a COUPLE of the areas that I noted that I didn't find anything for a long period of time (it just seemed "odd")??? Hopefully this is not a "glitch"...

    - The "beginning" island was full of stuff.........and the second area (desert?) had a lot, too.

    - However, after I entered the HUGE tower (after the "bird" died) and I cross that long bridge into the tower) and went "underground" for a LONG time (including the "light" maze?........I couldn't find even ONE collectible anywhere at all in there

    - And even AFTER that, MOST of the time, all collectibles were very "Rare" to be found.......except in the "rain" world (where I did get both the "tile" pieces and ONE keyhole).

    Anyway....I am hopefully "wrong", and I just wasn't looking hard enough.........or you guys just designed the game that way and there really wasn't anything in those areas, etc............but it did just seem really "odd", considering how "frequent" things were being found before and after........and then to go for so long without finding ANY of the "collectibles". Definitely worth mentioning...just in case.

Anyway............sorry to mention so much...........but with such a beautiful game.......I wanted to make sure you guys had all the information in hand to only make this game even better........especially if you didn't know about possible "issues", etc.

Please, if there's anything that doesn't make sense.......or if you have any questions, need more information, please let me know

Thank you, and keep up the great work, you guys should be extremely proud of this accomplishment!


Nelson, BC