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I'm curious, Dariuas, was there anything hidden before this update?

smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile

Oooh, I think that's a yes.

I told myself that I wasn't gonna watch it, that I was going to wait 'til it was out to experience it myself, but I couldn't help myself.

I love how the game seems to just throw you in and say "go, explore". The music is eerie with those little bits of optimism thrown in and pastel-y colour palette is gorgeous. The puzzles seem interesting, especially the perspective ones. Also, collectibles? Yes please I want them all.

(Still trying to find those secrets too, btw)

I didn't sorry, like I said I was pretty out of it.

Okay I don't know if I'm completely crazy, but I was up at like 4am the other day and I decided to come here and I could have sworn the front page changes depending on local time? It was way darker than I remember it being so maybe this is one of the hidden secrets the devs are talking about hidden on the site. Maybe we're supposed to be on the front page at a certain time and do something? Once again, it was 4am so I could have been delirious.

Also on another thread when I asked for a hint, Dariuas said "Seek to explore and secrets you shall behold." Any idea what that could mean?

Come on, Dariuas, give us a hint?

OK I've totally failed to find any secrets on the website, although did find the slightly hard to find fan art section at the bottom of the community page. Which is well worth a look.

Anyone else find any secrets?

Where/how'd you look, dude? I've just been clicking everywhere. I get a feeling there might be something on the front page.

I'm from the UK and I'm most excited about puzzles that will melt my brain and make me throw my controller, I love that stuff.

Nice one, mate.

Read the article, I'm totally down for all puzzles and no fighting. Reminds me a lot of FEZ or The Witness.

Torn between PS4 and Switch. Will it be on Steam?

The re-reveal trailer was amazing! So many questions. What's the deal with the tower? Who's the dude in the read cloak? Where was the boy going before the shipwreck? Did anyone else survive? I'm already interested.

Also... FIRST.