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At this time there is no Xbox One X version. Sorry!

UPDATE (1/30/2018)
Hey everyone,

In December we promised you an update on the status of the RiME on Nintendo Switch. Our teams have been working tirelessly to develop a patch that would address some issues that could be resolved through an update. We have QAed the patch and submitted it for approval to Nintendo and are waiting to hear back. The patch is larger than normally permitted, so we may get denied on that basis.. If the patch gets approved we’ll announce what the changes at that time.

Thanks for your patience.


UPDATE (12/21/2017)
Hey everyone,

Last month we shared that our teams were aware of the FPS, resolution and hitches players were facing on the Switch version of RiME. We committed to investigate these issues further, and to explore what our next steps might be. We wanted to let you know our teams have been continuing to research potential solutions for some of these issues. To be clear, some aspects of the game are beyond a patch-level fix, but there are changes that can be made to improve some elements.

That being said, we have not determined our path yet. Right now we’re facing a balancing act, as improvements in some areas may have issues in other areas. As such, we're still investigating the best balance. We will be providing you with our direction in January, so please keep an eye on social media for that announcement.


RiME will be available on Nintendo Switch beginning on 11/14 digitally in North America, on 11/17 it will become available in Europe in both formats, and finally, on November 21st, the physical release in North America will be happening.

Those who purchase RiME digitally from the Nintendo store will automatically install the latest update, however, for those who purchase the physical version of RiME, it is highly recommended you download the patch before beginning your playthrough! Below are the patch notes for the Day 1 patch.

  • Fixed an issue with Sentinel animations.

  • Fixed an issue with controller input not behaving correctly.

  • Fixed an issue with LOD load and unload.

  • Resolved an issue with audio distortion.

  • Fixed an issue with a black bar appearing on the Extras menu.

  • Resolved an issue of background audio not playing.

  • Fixed an issue with elements of a puzzle not being able to be triggered.

  • Fixed some issues with puzzles not functioning correctly.

  • Fixed an issue with lag in certain puzzles.

  • Fixed camera collision issues.

  • Added missing VFX to Shades.

  • Fixed an issue where the game would become unresponsive at the logo screen

  • Added a light to a missing Sentinel.

If you experience any issues with RiME, please feel free to contact our support team by visiting

Thank you!

Hi everyone, we know a lot of people have been asking about the Switch release date, so we're pleased to finally confirm that RiME will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch on November 14th in North America, and November 17th in Europe. We'll be releasing a producer's letter from our Lead Producer, Cody Bradley, next week to give a bit more insight on the process of developing for the Switch. In the mean time, feel free to check out the FAQ on our forums.

What is the release date for the Switch?

The release date for the Nintendo Switch version of RiME is November 14 in North America, and November 17 in Europe.

Why is there a difference in release date for North America and Europe?

The three-day difference is due to the retail environments present in both territories, particularly during the holiday season.

What was the reason for this delay?

Development on the Switch version of RiME began after development on the other versions. Fans who have been waiting for the Nintendo Switch version have been among the most patient, and so Grey Box and Tequila works wanted to make sure that the version of the game they received was in as strong a state as possible. The additional time was spent towards optimization for the Nintendo Switch.

What will the Switch version cost?

The digital eShop version will cost the same as the previously-released versions of the game, at $29.99 / €34.99 / £29.99. The physical edition, which comes with a soundtrack download code, will retail for $39.99 / €44.99 / £39.99.

Why does the Switch physical version have a higher price than the other versions?

The physical version of the Nintendo Switch version of RiME has a price which is based upon the development and manufacturing costs necessary to bring a product to market on the platform. In order to accommodate for this price discrepancy, a redemption code for a digital download of the RiME Deluxe Soundtrack by David García Díaz. The Switch digital version will be priced equivalent to the other versions of the game.

Do I get anything different for buying the game on Switch vs. other consoles? Are there any significant differences in in-game content?

At the moment, the experience on the Switch is the same as on other systems, though with the added freedom to take the adventure anywhere using the Switch’s portable functionality. Additional information will be provided as we approach the release date.

Will the pre-order incentive map still be provided to people who pre-order?

For those who pre-order the physical version from participating retailers, the pre-order incentive will be provided. Retailers who provided the map for the initial launch will do so for the Switch launch. Be sure to check with your preferred retailer.

The Win a Fox Plush giveaway on Twitter starts at 6:00 PM CDT on 7/25/2017 and ends at 6:00 PM CDT on 7/31/2017 (late entries will not be accepted). The drawing will occur on 7/31/2017 and the winner will be notified by Twitter DM and announced on Twitter.

To enter you must retweet the giveaway tweet. You may only enter once and cannot create multiple accounts to enter. Only people who have used the retweet button at the bottom of the giveaway tweet will be considered. Those who copy the text and tweet the copied text with or without ‘RT’ at the beginning of the tweet will not be considered.

1 person who retweets the giveaway tweet will be randomly selected to win a fox plush

Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

No Purchase Necessary. You do not need to own GAME to enter. This giveaway is void where prohibited.

The Win a Fox contest on Facebook starts at 6:00 PM CDT on 7/25/2017 and ends at 6:00 PM CDT on 7/31/2017 (late entries will not be accepted). The drawing will occur on 7/31/2017 and the winners will be notified by Facebook.

To enter you must comment on the giveaway post. You may only enter once and cannot create multiple accounts to enter. Only people who have commented on the giveaway post will be considered.

1 person who comments the giveaway post will be randomly selected to win a fox plush

Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

No Purchase Necessary. [You do not need to own GAME to enter.] This giveaway is void where prohibited.

This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook. By entering this contest you agree to release Facebook from liability.

Once you have completed the game you'll have a stage select option that will allow you to return to that stage.

Today we've released an update to PC version of RiME that should improve performance.


Optimized Water Shaders.

Fixed an issue that would prevent users from interacting with objects after canceling a Perspective Puzzle using SHIFT instead of the E key.

Fixed an issue with Arabic localization where the patch version number would appear mirrored.

Need help? Reach out to support at


  • Alt-Enter to swap between full-screen and windowed should now function properly.

  • By default, bloom is now turned off.

  • By default, depth of field is turned off.

  • Fixed an issue where invoking the Steam overlay would cause the voice action on a connected controller not to function.

  • When launching RiME on a computer with multiple monitors attached, RiME would load on the monitor that is alphabetically first, even if it was not set as main. This should no longer happen.

  • Fixed an issue in the Extras menu that would cause navigation issues when swapping between keyboard/controller.

  • Lowered the volume of the music in the credits.

Hey there VegasRude,

I am sorry you're running into the issues with this. You will need to replay that stage in order to get the trophy.